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About Ben


I’ve been a viewer of Formula One since around 1990, but it was perhaps only from 1995 onwards that I had a real appreciation for the sport.

In recent years, I’ve come to enjoy Formula e immensely, but Formula One remains and will forever be my true passion. The different structural and technical strategies of the teams, the politics, the rule changes, the jostling for sponsors – I’ve always been far more about the teams and the engineering than the drivers which I admit is somewhat unusual, but for me, it is these factors that make F1 what it is.

Failcast F1 allows me to pontificate on and share with others my passion for the sport and that is absolutely my favourite thing to do. The thing I love most is the quality of people you meet in the world of motorsport – the people I’ve encountered since we began this show have been, without exception, knowledgeable and pleasant and I think that’s the cherry on the cake.

My greatest F1 moment was Damon Hill so nearly winning the Hungarian GP for Arrows in 1997 – I don’t recall ever being so truly gripped and engaged as I was that day.

Failcast car number: 41

Favourite team: Arrows

Favourite driver: Jean Alesi

Favourite F1 team on the grid: Sauber

Favourite F1 driver of the grid: Nico Hülkenburg

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