After 8 years of being the only (live) F1 podcast recorded whilst racing F1 cars in game, Ben and Simon, your favourite backmarker sim racers, have decided to expand our operation and open a website too!

Don’t worry – our fortnightly live-streamed podcasts will still continue – but now we can discuss topics and share opinions about F1, and occasionally other motorsports too, here! This means instead of always having to form opinions whilst trying to not crash into the back of each other (or the pitlane…), we can actually think about how we convey these opinions and maybe form multiple cohesive sentences in the process.

Both of us will be contributing and there’s no set pattern for our posts as of yet. Regular viewers know we love discussing stupid headlines, crazy tech and ideas, driver rankings and anything that let’s us mention Arrows, Minardi or making 107% rule jokes. Please welcome us with open arms into your pit garage and let’s get down to business.

With beer and tacos,

Esteban and Bulkenburg